Wellness Wednesday: Cherries

Cherries are delicious & nutritious! When cherries start showing up in the grocery store in the summertime, I get excited. They might be my favorite summertime fruit and I usually have a big bowl of them sitting in my refrigerator, ready to eat whenever a snack attack hits. I’ve been known to eat quite a … Read More >

It’s Tomato Time!

Tomatoes are one of our favorite summer vegetables (but really, it’s a fruit!), and there’s nothing like a vine-ripe tomato in July or August. Did you know these fun facts about tomatoes? Tomatoes originated in South America and were first used as a food by the Aztec Indians of southern Mexico — no wonder traditional … Read More >

Joel’s Taco Lasagna

I can’t think of anything better to celebrate a Tuesday than to make this original recipe from Joel Campbell for Taco Lasagna! I am so glad Joel came down to the LCE studio today and showed us how to make his signature. He was generous enough to let us share the recipe with you, so … Read More >

Sausage & Gnocchi Soup

If it’s freezing where you are (and I’m willing to bet that it is), there’s nothing better than a bowl of soup to help warm you up. We have lots of soup recipes in our collection, but this is a new one, and I can’t wait to get in the studio and film the video … Read More >

Gingerbread Cookie Bars

I love baking at Christmastime. (TBH, I love baking ALL the time.) But there’s one classic holiday cookie that I simply won’t make — gingerbread cutouts. I HATE decorating them. It takes a lot of time and is so messy. But this year, these cookie bars will definitely be on my to-bake list. It was … Read More >

Matthew’s Sweet Corn Pie

I had so much fun with Matthew Johnson yesterday in the LCE studio! His sweet corn pie entry from this year’s Iowa State Fair Super Special Corn Creations cooking contest is unusual and delicious — he’d love to share the recipe with you. Makes 10 servings Takes about 1 1/2 hours to make 1 (15 … Read More >

Dottie’s Gluten-Free Skillet Cranberry Mango Cornbread

Dottie Vanderhyde of Ottumwa, Iowa, won the LCE Super Special Corn Creations cooking contest at the 2019 Iowa State Fair with this cornbread recipe. It’s really delicious! You can make it with regular all-purpose flour if you’d like. Makes 8 servings Takes 45 minutes to make 1½ cups yellow cornmeal 1 cup 50% less sugar … Read More >

Granola Apple Crisp

This is a great dessert any time of year, but it’s especially awesome during the fall when apples are in season. Check out the video below on how to cut an apple — but if it’s still too scary or difficult, use presliced apples from the produce section. Makes 4 servingsTakes 45 minutes to make … Read More >

Sue’s Incredible Chocolate Birthday Cake

  Thanks, everyone, for showing up for my birthday celebration on Monday during Facebook Live! And thanks to Charlie for his help in the kitchen — always love having him here. As promised, here’s the recipe for the chocolate cake that he and I made together. It’s a GREAT cake, so easy and much better … Read More >

Super Special Corn Creations @ the Iowa State Fair

Oh. My. Goodness. You guys, I’m still on a high from Wednesday’s cooking competition at the Iowa State Fair. Charlie and I arrived at the Elwell Family Center, where all of the food competitions take place, not really knowing what to expect. I knew we had about 25 people signed up to enter their recipes … Read More >