Thoughts from a summer intern

Nick & Sue

If you’re an LCE Facebook follower, you already know how much I miss our summer social media intern, Nick Hermon. And it turns out, he misses us too. Here are some of Nick’s thoughts on his time with us this summer that I (and he) would like to share with you:

Working for Look, Cook, and Eat was an incredible experience. While my role was simply an intern to help grow LCE’s social media presence, I felt I had a deeper role to market this product so the start-up could succeed. It pushed me more than I thought possible and forced me to think in new, creative ways to grow. It was a rush I will never forget and an experience better than I could have imagined.

Over the course of four months, I helped LCE’s online presence grow a respectable amount. Look, Cook, and Eat’s Facebook following started with 875 “likes” when I began in June and today stands at over 1,100 “likes”—> an increase of about 25%.

Even more impressive, this growth was without any online advertising—it was through organic posts.

But more importantly, I helped build a stronger online community.

Numerous individuals commented how they enjoy the live feeds featuring individuals who normally don’t get the opportunity to be in the spotlight or how they enjoyed “Tip Tuesdays” and that it’s taught them to be better cooks.

While I enjoy being able to work with social media and help businesses grow through it, what I enjoyed most from this experience was seeing the smiles of individuals who use this magazine.

I loved getting see the excitement in their eyes as they tried a new recipe.

I loved the giggles of not knowing what to say next while live on Facebook, but still just having fun despite the lack of words.

I loved the “Oops, that didn’t work out, let’s try that again.” And again and again, sometimes.

I loved reading the private messages about how it was so-and-so’s first time making a meal by themselves and they were so glad they could do it.

I loved working for Look, Cook, and Eat.

I am so glad I got this opportunity and I look forward to what lies ahead for myself and especially what lies in store for LCE.


I still miss Nick and am trying to do justice to all the social media work he mapped out for us. Not sure I’m making a dent, but I’m gonna give it my best effort! Whatever company scoops him up will have a good guy on their hands.

Thank you, Nick. Don’t be a stranger!